_Runman (working title)


I’ve been hard at work on this new game Demo. I plan to expand it into a Metroid-like map, where hidden powers allow you to explore. I also am clearly being influenced by megaman. Should be a fun game! Updates soon!

- C

3 Responses to “_Runman (working title)”

  1. pretty sweet — I think the character needs more weight. It’s very floaty right now. Too much slide when you stop running, and you can climb up a single wall using only wall jump.

  2. Christian says:

    yeah, we’ve all been debating exactly these issues… the character’s floatiness is a compromise between my usual physics and nick’s complaining.. but honestly, it’s growing on me alot. Also, I know what you mean about the one wall thing, but I think it’s way too limiting to not let them do that. We’ll see.

    Thanks for the comments though, degs, really appreciated!

    - C

  3. I dunno, I mean, i think the wall jump and slide is cool, I just think I shouldn’t be able to climb upward without an opposing wall after my double jump runs out. Pumped to see what you end up with.

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